The Frumkin Family

The phone rang as the Metro North train was hustling through Stamford, Connecticut en route to Grand Central Station one early May afternoon. I answered the phone and did the best that I could to hear Maya on the other end of the phone describing an amazing family and the story of their beautiful son. A group of friends were gifting them a newborn session... amazing friends for an amazing new family of 3. Yes, I would love to get to know them. I would love to enter their space and photograph their beautiful new son. I was thrilled. 

The newborn stage seems to last a lifetime to new sleep deprived parents and those first few weeks of life are like living in another dimension.  A quiet tangibility to the preciousness of life invades every thought and every newborn movement becomes a miracle of the most grand proportion.  

A few weeks later, I arrived at the Frumkin's downtown Brooklyn apartment and all was quiet. New baby gear lined the walls and a pack 'n play now stood bedside. New life filled their beautiful home. For two hours we laughed and marveled at baby T as I photographed their new family. Listening to the story of their amazing son and the journey of them filled me with gratitude. The intimacy of a newborn in the arms of their parents, the newness, tenderness and quiet space where life revolves around tiny fingers and toes is one of the most beautiful dimensions to photograph.  

Thank you, Frumkin family, for welcoming me into that space. I hope that these photos fill you with joy and allow you to marvel at the wonder of your beautiful son for a lifetime. You three are amazing and your precious baby T is a miracle of the most grand proportion

Truly yours,