Iceland | The Northern Lights

It was a dream come true to photograph the Northern Lights in Iceland this February. I'm delighted to offer these photos as limited edition prints very soon! Full description and posting will be announced in the next few weeks. 

Iceland's Welcome Committee

Along the coast of Hwy 1 in Iceland, you will find idyllic movie-like scenes of places where the earth's harshest elements combine to form majestic beauty. Defying the earth's harshness are Iceland's incredible horses perched by fences as if waiting for onlookers to introduce themselves and have their photos made together.  

A Danish Summer | The Mortensen Family

This June we spent several weeks exploring Norway and Denmark as a family. It was a dream come true to spend so much time in Matthew's family's country of origin. Sofie and Jacob were our gracious hosts for part of our time while we were in Copenhagen. It was wonderful to photograph their beautiful family before we headed back to the States. 

Thank you for the beautiful time in Copenhagen, Mortensens! We love your beautiful country & people!

Freezing Time

Every day they change and grow a bit more into the person they are becoming, and without fail, every day they inspire me. I am not sure what to do with the ache of wanting to savor time and slow down the clock, but photography offers me a bit of a therapy session and gives me the tools to freeze time. I'm so grateful for these three children of mine and all their gifts, loves, and curiosities. I'm also grateful that they are still for 5 minutes so that I can snap a few treasures.

Maya & Simi | Maternity

NYC event planner Maya Katz of Alimay Events and her daughter, Simi, took a few covetous moments together to have their photos taken before baby brother joins their family this month. Maya and Simi's love and bond is truly beautiful—so full of joy and life! How sweet it is that they will have these images to celebrate this beautiful season! 

The Youngs IV

I have had the unique privilege of photographing Ben and Catherine's engagement photos, their wedding day, portraits of their oldest daughter shortly after she was born and now their beautiful family of four. Our lives seem to cross paths at multiple intersections, across boundaries that only make sense when thinking that surely only God must have put our feet on the same paths. It is an absolute privilege to be able to document and preserve memories throughout their journey together. Here are just a few of my favorites from our most recent photoshoot back in Texas in July.